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Spanish in Spain...Italian in Italy...French in France...German in Germany... Language School Links offers you profiles and links to over 1,000 in-country language schools worldwide. There are over 170 Spanish-in-Spain schools, over 150 Italian-in-Italy schools, more than 120 French-in-France schools, plus hundreds of other language schools offering intensive language study worldwide. Learn Spanish in Spain or Spanish in Mexico. Learn French in France in Paris or the Cote d'Azur, or learn French in Montreal. Just choose your language or destination...

In-Country Language Schools Offering Intensive Language Courses, Culture Classes, and Much More!
  • The University of Florence


    The University of Florence offers Italian language courses for foreigners. Quarter, winter, spring, autumn and summer programs are available.
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    The University of Florence - Semester in Flroence
  • Scuola Palazzo Malvisi, Ravenna, Italy


    The Scuola Palazzo Malvisi Italian school is located in Ravenna, Italy. We have more than 25 years of experience teaching Italian to foreign students!
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  • Sprachforum Heinrich Heine, Düsseldorf, Germany


    The Sprachforum Heinrich Heine German school was founded in 1992 and offers intensive German courses, German summer courses, and a variety of other course types.
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  • Salminter Spanish School, Salamanca, Spain


    The Salminter Spanish school is situated in thrilling Salamanca, Spain. Our school is dedicated to to Spanish for foreigners and thousaands of students have already learned Spanish with us!
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  • Sprachschule zum Ehrstein, Freiburg, Germany


    Our German school is situated in beautiful Freiburg, Germany. We boast skilled and friendly teachers, as well as friendly and personal attention to our students.
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  • The University of Buenos Aires


    Over 2000 foreign students enroll directly each year in our Spanish for Foreigners semester programs. The Spanish Program offers courses for all levels, ranging from students with no background in Spanish to advanced students.
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    The University of Buenos Aires, Semester in Argentina
  • Kobe Toyo Japanese College, Kobe, Japan


    Kobe Toyo Japanese College was established in order to give you the training and ability to develop your future potential. Our experienced staff offers total support to our students, responding to your requests with flexible ideas.
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  • Nebrija University, Semesters in Madrid, Spain.


    The Integrated Programmes with Spanish Students at Nebrija University allows foriegn students to take regular degree courses alonside Spanish students.
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    Semester in Madrid, Spain. Semester with Spaniards
  • Institut Linguistique Adenet


    Our French school offers a wide range of French language courses for all levels and all needs with weekly starting dates. Small class sizes of a maximum of 10 students allow for an active participation of each student.
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  • Université Paris - Sorbonne


    At the Université Paris - Sorbonne foreign students can enroll into our French as a Second Language program - a program established in 1961 for foreigners who wish to learn and master the French language.
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    Université Paris - Sorbonne, Semester in France
  • Freie Universität Berlin - German Language Study in Berlin


    The FUBiS program at is an intensive, academic program through which students can earn credits that may be counted towards their degrees at their home institutions. 3 to 6 week sessions take place in summer and winter.
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    The University of Berlin - Freie Universität Berlin - Study Abroad in Germany

The Language Schools
Most of the language schools offer "intensive" language learning. Classes meet everyday...  More info...

Types of Language Classes
Standard Course / Intensive Course
Semi-Intensive Course
Intensive + 5
Combination Course
Super Intensive Course
Total Immersion Course
Vacation / Holiday Course
Semester / Academic Year Courses

Learn French in France
There are language schools throughout France and you can choose the type of learning/study abroad experience that interests you most:

French schools by the sea
French courses in northern France
French courses in southern France
Learn German in Germany
German courses can be found in many German cities. Popular destinations for German courses include Berlin, Freiburg, Munich, and the other German cities listed here.

German courses in Berlin
German courses in Freiburg
German courses in Munich
Learn Spanish & Portuguese in South America

You can take Spanish courses at one of many Spanish schools located in almost any Spanish-speaking country in South America.

There are Spanish schools in the captial cities of South America, by the beach, in outdoor locations, and in small cities.

Brazil has several cities that are home to Portuguese schools that offer Portuguese courses for foreigners.

Learn Spanish in Central America

You can take Spanish courses at one of many Spanish schools located in almost any Spanish-speaking country in Central America.

In Central America there are numerous Spanish schools where you can take Spanish courses, combine Spanish courses with volunteer programs, or combine Spanish courses with vacation.